Jornada 720 german keymap file for Linux.

This is a german kernel keymap file I created for the Jornada 720. It features german Umlauts as well as the Alt Gr combinations on the german version of the Jornada. You can download the latest version (1.01) here: de-keymap.map.gz

Put it to a useful place, (e.g. /etc/console-tools/default.map.gz if you want to use it as default keymap).

Installation (Familiar Linux 0.82)

Installing console-tools

You’ll need to install console-tools to have the loadkeys command. Some files of the console-tools package are already provided by busybox, so use the -force-overwrite switch:

# ipkg install -force-overwrite console-tools

You can now load the keymap with the command

# loadkeys /etc/console-tools/default.map.gz

Automatically loading the keymap at boot-time

If everything works as you expect, you might want to have the map automatically loaded ad boot-time. To do so, create a simple shell script (e.g. /etc/init.d/keymap.sh):


loadkeys /etc/console-tools/default.map.gz

Make sure the file is executable by root:

# chmod 700 /etc/init.d/keymap.sh

Next, create a link in /etc/rcS.d:

# cd /etc/rcS.d

# ln -s ../init.d/keymap.sh S10keymap

That’s it. The keymap will be loaded at quite an early stage ot the boot process. In case you’re using Opie, I guess you will be happy to hear that the kernel keymap will also work there. If you’re using Debian or some other distribution with X as graphical environment, I’m afraid you’ll have search a suitable xmodmap file.